Letter To My Mother… On My Special Day!


I thank you for having carried me inside of you for 9 months and giving birth to me on this special day.

You have been so wonderful, patient, understanding and most of all a good example. You have never stopped walking your talk ever since I became old enough to talk and understand words, behaviours and what life is all about.

A woman of virtue, Proverbs 31 woman and I keep saying that if there was a 32nd chapter, it will still be about you. You are everything a child would want her mother to be and much more. Words aren’t enough to describe all that you are. A very strong woman, a praying mother, an amazing teacher, a woman of God in every sense.

I’m proud and blessed beyond measure to have you as my mother and I hope that one day I’ll be half the woman you are, because there is no reason not to be and also because I want you to be proud of me.

I love you ma! Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.


Your Daughter,

Marvelous Ifeoma Agu

The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore…

“Well I can’t explain why it’s not enough, cause I gave it all to you
And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now. It’s the better thing to do
It’s time to surrender, It’s been too long pretending,
There’s no use in trying, When the pieces don’t fit anymore” – James Morrison.

The pieces don’t fit here anymore…
It’s about 3.45am and i’m up trying to finish up my coursework which is up for submission on Monday. I decided to take a break and listen to some music, so i’m listening to rock songs and i can’t help but wonder why i get so sad when i listen to these type of songs. i’m like, boy, all these rock artistes’ are so depressed. Who hurt them?? Na wa o. i really don’t want to digress, i’m about to post something i thought about, about a week ago. Truly, this James Morrison’s song didn’t inspire the after thought of the situation i was in last week. It only inspired the title of this post, and the courage (with the help of courvoisier) to put up this post (cause i thought it was better off private).

It’s very common that many individuals find themselves talking to their ex’s even if they wished, they’d rather not be in communication with them. I’ve always been the kind who doesn’t talk to the ones that hurt me most but at the same time keep an open mind.

Some people actually do not move on from some of their sour relationships and they have themselves wishing they could get back to the (other) person. But have you ever wanted something so bad that it came to you and you wish it never came back or happened? I have and that’s what inspired this post. Wanting something and all of a sudden you don’t want it anymore. It simply shows you’ve moved on from whatever it is. YES! That thing you thought you’d never forget and that’s what time is basically about in situations/relationships.

All i kept thinking about in my situation, was “how do you want something and when you finally get it and you don’t want it again”? sometimes, it’s actually funny how our heart can bail on us.

My heart thought it this way:

If you ever find yourself in a position where you think the second time isn’t best or good enough for you, then you don’t need to give it a second chance. it’s best for you and everyone else around you, that you move on.

“Do not give the person who hurt you before, another chance to hurt you again.
I’m not saying that people don’t change. i mean, if the second time you feel like
it’s not right or it isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, then it isn’t..
Rekindled love hurts sometimes. You can only forgive and move on.
Don’t allow leftover feelings or pity to get in the way of your emotional progress”.

It’s easier said than done but this is my two cents and it’s 4.43am, i have to go to bed.



Amanda Enyinne Agu

Amanda Enyinne Agu

(22nd February 1985 – 1st August 2008)

Ezinne m,

The tears are freely flowing.. I think about you and all that we shared and i’m glad we had those moments together. You are/were one of my many blessings from God.

Today is your 28th birthday and I’ve been wondering what it would have been like if you were around, especially since its a friday night. Would you have been married? Perhaps, dinner with the husband. would i have had nieces and nephews to babysit and hear them call me ‘Aunty’.

We miss you too too much, there’s no passing day we don’t think or talk about you. We might not show it often because somehow we have learnt to cope with what life has dealt us but know that you are and will always be in our hearts.

I’m happy and its only because you are where you deserve to be. In heaven, Partying with angels like you and Our Lord Jesus Christ. You are enjoying!!!

This is one of my many love letters to you. Have a wonderful 28th birthday my sister, my lover and my bestfriend. No one does it like you, superwoman!

Love always,
Your Marviyon’te.

2013 Our Year Of MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

Happy  New Year Lovelies!

I’m so excited for all that 2013 has in store for me, my family and friends. I can’t even wait to start sharing all the testimonies from the loads of miracles God will do in our lives this year. I know that it will be a beautiful year, filled with Joy, Happiness, Satisfaction, Love, Peace and every good thing that God will add to His children this wonderful year.

This is to wish you a happy 2013.. You shall not lack, your lines will fall for you in pleasant places and your path will shine brighter and brighter.

In 2013, your work will announce you, God will set you up, you shall not lack any good thing. God will be your sufficiency, The God of More than Enough will give you more than enough. You are blessed and you’ll be a blessing to others.

I’m doing a praise dance and thanking God in advance for all He’s about to do this year, I suggest you do same because your expectations shall not be cut short.

God  bless you.. Amen!!

Truly Blessed By God, 


Always in my heart.. Part One!

Saturday, September 22, 2012 10:18pm

I’m listening to Tevin Campbell’s “Always in my heart”.. The only part of this song that best describes the way I feel, is the chorus.

“If I never ever say that I love you, just remember girl, I’m saying I do. You can know that from this moment you were always in my heart…. If I never ever say that I love you, just remember, girl, I’m saying I do love you. You’ll be always in my heart”

This post might not be organised or it might not make sense, but I’d just go ahead and write it because that’s how I feel.

Goodbyes are hard… Love is hard!!
People just leave. Sometimes, willingly and other times, circumstances force them to.

Who is to blame though? It’s goes back to the saying “The only thing CONSTANT is “CHANGE”.

We meet people, become friends, fall in love, fall out of love. Some die, some move to other countries. Sometimes, the feelings go away, most times we get used to being without them. We get used to the pain, we feel nothing, we become numb.

Other times we are afraid to feel lest we get hurt, which is denying ourselves something great.

Love might be hard, but it’s beautiful, so beautiful. No matter how many times we’ve been hurt, we should always learn to love again.

Never stop loving, never assume that you wouldn’t be loved back. If Christ thought for one second we wouldn’t love Him like He loves us unconditionally, He wouldn’t have died for us..

I LOVE YOU! You’re always in my heart.

xo MaYa


Good Afternoon Loves!

Hope the new month is treating everyone right? For me, God has been very good. I judge Him faithful!!

Less busy at work so I decided to post pictures of this super sexy hot guy (I’m serious) who is also my elder brother. I’m privileged!!

Agu Ukaogo is an American born/bred Nigerian, born in the  80’s. He grew up in Nesbraska, Omaha. Moved to Atlanta to pursue his Modelling career and moved again few months ago to Los Angeles. He is also a fitness trainer. You can follow him on twitter, his handles are (@Agu_trademarked, @Agu_official and @Agufitness).

Ladies, please don’t stalk, lol. Enjoy the pictures

Have a beautiful week. All my love!

xo MaYa