Break Up Cure..

Copied this post from my facebook notes.. Wrote it years back..
Enjoy —> Mistakes To Avoid: Staying in touch with your Ex: If he texts you,or calls or emails. If he’s just being “Friendly” and asking if you’re “okay”. And asking you to get together with him for a drink and talk about how your friendship is too important to just throw away. He may even tell you things like he still “Loves you” o.r thinks you’re special or that he “cares”. Sure, he thinks you’re a great woman and would and he’d love to have in his life in SOME WAY in order to boost his and lessen his OWN discomfort about tthe break up. So it goes pretty soon,he’s calling you all the time and you’re calling him. You know you should probably not stay in contact but you almost can’t help yourself from responding to his texts or answering the phone when you know it’s him. And you get your HOPES UP that all that contact means he’s getting closer to wanting you back. That there’s a chance you can have things back to the way they used to be. RIGHT?? WRONG!!! Staying connected to a man who doesn’t want a committed relationship with you (when you do) only PROLONGS your pain. Each time he reminds you that he’s not ready, or hasn’t changed his mind, is only going to get you heart broken again and again and again. STOP IT!! This isn’t getting you closer to moving on and actually making the space and time in your life to find a man who TRULY loves you and wants to have a real relationship with you. It just keeps you dangerously STUCK in a place where your self esteem and confidence actually withers each time you talk, text, or daydream about your ex boyfriend. And you won’t believe how long you can actually stay in that place, always hoping but never really getting what you want. So cut all ties – if at all possible..!!

2 thoughts on “Break Up Cure..

  1. osarogie says:

    Basically jus tell urself ur worth a lot more than he saw in you…and make urself happy,avoiding him wld jus take longer b4 u heal…

    • MaYa says:

      I think it works both ways, or maybe yours works more for the guys than the girl.. Avoidance is actually scientifically proven. Thanks for the contribution 🙂

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