Life Happens….

Hey  peoples…               
  I just wanted to share this little something i wrote down two years ago.. i just found it and thought it will make an interesting read.
This is it:              
             Sometimes, We desire things and people near us yet we can’t  have them. We want to go back in time and we realise time went by long ago.
            There are times when we feel downcast , wishing we had someone to lean on, talk to, or someone to wipe our tears away, then we find out that the one person we really need is nowhere to be found.         
           Sometimes, we feel all alone in this world  when the earth is filled with alot of people. And there are so many other times when we cry, laugh, smile, and get angry all because of one person, yet we love that one person so dearly.
          Sometimes, things happen, things we can’t control. Thats life. Life just happens!!!
Life is about waking up every morning, thanking God for the present, living itwithout regrets and moving on from every bad situation..

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