“Who Moved My Cheese?”

About 2 or 3 years ago, I was at a conference and the speaker was lecturing on Change and how it can be achieved in any part of one’s life and a persons’ attitude towards change. He specifically asked for every one to read the book called ” WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?” I didn’t go out of my way to go to a book store immediately to get the book. Then almost after a year, I was in a mall in Dubai and at the book section, I saw the book and bought it. This happened in December 2010 and I didn’t bother to read this book until March 2012.

Very interesting read!!! Its a 95 paged small story book. And Who moved my cheese? Is a story about 4 characters who lived in a maze and looked for cheese to make them happy and satisfied. “Cheese” in this story is a metaphor for anything you want in life, from a loving and healthy relationship, to a good and successful career/job, money and even peace of mind. While “Maze” in this context is any place you look for what you want in life, Eg: Work place, Society etc.

The story of who moved my cheese? Was created and written by Dr Spencer Johnson to help him deal with a difficult change in his life. It( the book) shows you how to take change seriously, it also shows a person how to anticipate change, adapt to change quickly, enjoy change and be ready to change over and over again. Its a Motivational book!!

Discover the secret for yourself and learn how to deal with change, so that you suffer less stress and enjoy more success in your work and daily life.