Twenty-Five and Alive!

Good Afternoon Fam!!

Firstly, I want to Thank Jesus for Keeping me alive til this day, and for also adding another year to my life..

My birthday was Lastweek Monday, the 14th of May. It was on a week day so I couldn’t celebrate until the weekend but it was a great week.. Very beautiful week. My Family and Friends made it a wonderful one. Lots of present and cakes and drinks also.. So much Laughter and Joy..

Anyways, I just wanted to use this medium to thank each and everyone that made it to the party, those that couldn’t, those who sent their love, prayers, tweets, IM’s facebook posts, sms, phone calls etc. God bless you all and take you to Greater Heights… Amen!!
Not forgetting my Sisters and bro for the love, I love you guys more than you can ever imagine.

Pictures will be uploaded soon..

Stay Blessed!!


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