People Hello,

It’s break time and i’m seated at my desk at work eating cookies, i feel like i’d get a sore throat from this biscuit biko and i’m having a drink (Juice o). i’d rather have well prepared fufu and bitter leaf soup but Nwanyi Banex is so far from me right now.. She makes good food, Her ofe akwu is superb and so is her bitter leaf soup. I bless the day my elder sister introduced me to the place. Lol, i don’t joke with my stomach at all and i’m glad that after everything i take in, i still remain skinny. My second bet would have been boiled groundnuts but i’d rather stay off it till i get home since i still have some from yesterday in the fridge.


I don’t even know how to start off with this post..  I’m very sorry for the silence. I’m not a professional blogger and i’m a lazy writer most of the time.

I remember i promised to put up pictures from my birthday and after two months, ive failed to do so and i’m sorry, i’ve been pretty busy working, eating(food excites me) and getting ready for school(Msc). Now you wouldn’t blame me, would you? Still interested in seeing the birthday pictures please visit http://rainvedutti.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/photo-splash-from-marvie-agus-birthday.html?m=1 ** long link, right? Sorry, i cant even shorten it. These are just about 70 pictures out of th e 400 pictures from that night. All thanks to @rvedutti ( follow him on twitter,  young bloke and very great photographer).

I’m off again, break went by so fast… Just thought i’d put something down because its been a while and hopefully, i’d try and blog something interesting soon.

Happy Friday. xoxo!



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