Rumour has it…

Whoever that is reading this, I hope you’re not as sad as I am.

Rumour has it that I’m slowly going into depression.. How can she say that to me? I mean, I’m literally dying inside because of those words…

It’s 3.10am and all I can think of are the words. “How can I live knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do that which I love to do?”. It’s probably for a few months but the night she said those words to me will forever remain one of my saddest nights ever..

She came into the room and she said, “Marvie, Stop buying handbags, you have enough.” Mummy broke my heart with those words.. No girl (prolly above 18 and knows her onions) will ever have enough of fashion at all.. Shoes, dresses, handbags, Accessories, all the likes..

You know, It’ll take a whole lot of “DISCIPLINE” or “BROKENESS”. I mean sometimes even when I’m broke, I still buy stuff, I guess I need to be taught a serious lesson on Discpline, cos I kinda think everything changes when a woman gets married and has children, you know, you gotta save up for the rainy days, try and hold your man up when he’s down, think about providing for the house and kids even when the man isn’t down. The MR doesn’t have to get the cheque all the time for everything.

Anyways, as sad as I am, I know its one part of the lessons I need to learn on Discipline and I intend to see how long I can go for, without getting a new bag, hopefully 5 months or 2 or 3. And since I have to get ready for work in about 2 hours, 45mins I should quickly make good use of the time left to get some sleep.

Lots of love,

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