Always in my heart.. Part One!

Saturday, September 22, 2012 10:18pm

I’m listening to Tevin Campbell’s “Always in my heart”.. The only part of this song that best describes the way I feel, is the chorus.

“If I never ever say that I love you, just remember girl, I’m saying I do. You can know that from this moment you were always in my heart…. If I never ever say that I love you, just remember, girl, I’m saying I do love you. You’ll be always in my heart”

This post might not be organised or it might not make sense, but I’d just go ahead and write it because that’s how I feel.

Goodbyes are hard… Love is hard!!
People just leave. Sometimes, willingly and other times, circumstances force them to.

Who is to blame though? It’s goes back to the saying “The only thing CONSTANT is “CHANGE”.

We meet people, become friends, fall in love, fall out of love. Some die, some move to other countries. Sometimes, the feelings go away, most times we get used to being without them. We get used to the pain, we feel nothing, we become numb.

Other times we are afraid to feel lest we get hurt, which is denying ourselves something great.

Love might be hard, but it’s beautiful, so beautiful. No matter how many times we’ve been hurt, we should always learn to love again.

Never stop loving, never assume that you wouldn’t be loved back. If Christ thought for one second we wouldn’t love Him like He loves us unconditionally, He wouldn’t have died for us..

I LOVE YOU! You’re always in my heart.

xo MaYa

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