The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore…

“Well I can’t explain why it’s not enough, cause I gave it all to you
And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now. It’s the better thing to do
It’s time to surrender, It’s been too long pretending,
There’s no use in trying, When the pieces don’t fit anymore” – James Morrison.

The pieces don’t fit here anymore…
It’s about 3.45am and i’m up trying to finish up my coursework which is up for submission on Monday. I decided to take a break and listen to some music, so i’m listening to rock songs and i can’t help but wonder why i get so sad when i listen to these type of songs. i’m like, boy, all these rock artistes’ are so depressed. Who hurt them?? Na wa o. i really don’t want to digress, i’m about to post something i thought about, about a week ago. Truly, this James Morrison’s song didn’t inspire the after thought of the situation i was in last week. It only inspired the title of this post, and the courage (with the help of courvoisier) to put up this post (cause i thought it was better off private).

It’s very common that many individuals find themselves talking to their ex’s even if they wished, they’d rather not be in communication with them. I’ve always been the kind who doesn’t talk to the ones that hurt me most but at the same time keep an open mind.

Some people actually do not move on from some of their sour relationships and they have themselves wishing they could get back to the (other) person. But have you ever wanted something so bad that it came to you and you wish it never came back or happened? I have and that’s what inspired this post. Wanting something and all of a sudden you don’t want it anymore. It simply shows you’ve moved on from whatever it is. YES! That thing you thought you’d never forget and that’s what time is basically about in situations/relationships.

All i kept thinking about in my situation, was “how do you want something and when you finally get it and you don’t want it again”? sometimes, it’s actually funny how our heart can bail on us.

My heart thought it this way:

If you ever find yourself in a position where you think the second time isn’t best or good enough for you, then you don’t need to give it a second chance. it’s best for you and everyone else around you, that you move on.

“Do not give the person who hurt you before, another chance to hurt you again.
I’m not saying that people don’t change. i mean, if the second time you feel like
it’s not right or it isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, then it isn’t..
Rekindled love hurts sometimes. You can only forgive and move on.
Don’t allow leftover feelings or pity to get in the way of your emotional progress”.

It’s easier said than done but this is my two cents and it’s 4.43am, i have to go to bed.