Letter To My Mother… On My Special Day!


I thank you for having carried me inside of you for 9 months and giving birth to me on this special day.

You have been so wonderful, patient, understanding and most of all a good example. You have never stopped walking your talk ever since I became old enough to talk and understand words, behaviours and what life is all about.

A woman of virtue, Proverbs 31 woman and I keep saying that if there was a 32nd chapter, it will still be about you. You are everything a child would want her mother to be and much more. Words aren’t enough to describe all that you are. A very strong woman, a praying mother, an amazing teacher, a woman of God in every sense.

I’m proud and blessed beyond measure to have you as my mother and I hope that one day I’ll be half the woman you are, because there is no reason not to be and also because I want you to be proud of me.

I love you ma! Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.


Your Daughter,

Marvelous Ifeoma Agu

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